BOXTradEx and BOCT Signed Strategic Partnership To Launch Gateway Access To Digital Assets Broker In Asean Market

BOXTradEx and BOCT has reached a strategic partnership to cooperate in cross-currency settlement via token and/or digital asset. This partnership has the potential to create great value-added benefits to BOXTradEx users, especially with the option for fiat-to-cryptocurrency transaction settlement subject to rates. Furthermore, BOXTradEx has established a Fiat On-Ramp platform which enable users in Southeast Asia countries, like Vietnam and Indonesia, to deposit fiat money from their bank account in return for digital assets, such as BOCT, BTC, Ethereum and USDT, etc.

BOXTradEx and BOCT’s partnership provide users with the access to the digital assets ecosystem where users in Southeast Asia can deposit fiat money in return for selected digital assets. The Fiat On-Ramp platform will support exchange for several digital assets, like BTC, USDT, TRX, XRP, etc.

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