• BOCT is one of the easiest and most cost-effective places to swap cryptocurrencies, store, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies and other assets.
  • BOCT is a cryptocurrency wallet program or service, which stores the public and private cryptographic keys that can be used to track ownership, receive or spend cryptocurrencies.
  • BOCT is also a Fiat wallet that allows you to deposit & withdraw money in your BOCT wallet.
  • BOCT itself is not an exchange.

  • BOCT can never recover your funds if you lose your recovery phrase or your private keys.
  • BOCT can never recover your funds if you reveal your recovery phrase or your private keys to a third party (this allows them to irretrievably steal your funds).
  • Once a transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, it can not be reversed or canceled.
  • BOCT can not send transactions on your behalf. Only you can create a transaction. You are always in full control of your funds in cryptocurrencies only. No one -- not even us -- can steal, block or censor any cryptocurrencies transaction you want to make.

  • For BOCT Fiat wallet account registration, you have to go to and click on the login button on the top right menu to fill in all the required information on the login form, then click on the login button. It is because if you don't have an account, just proceed with inputting your preferred Email & Password, and BOCT system will create a FIAT wallet account for you.

  • For BOCT crypto wallet account registration, you have to download & install the BOCT mobile app by clicking on the top right corner menu on the website to enter
  • After installed the BOCT mobile wallet app into your smartphone, tap on the installed BOCT mobile app on your smartphone, tap on the Create Wallet button and follow the instructions on the BOCT crypto wallet mobile app by inputting the 12 mnemonic phrases, tap on next command button or link on the BOCT mobile wallet creation app to create your new wallet account.

  • Only access BOCT from the official sources. The official and secure links to login access the BOCT wallet at and
  • Store your recovery phrase in writing or use durable hardware backup products and keep the backup somewhere safe. If it's just stored on your computer, the file may be corrupted, lost, or your computer may break.
  • Never give your recovery phrase or private keys to any third party.
  • Don't store your recovery phrase on a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, iCloud, or OneDrive. These services may be easier to break into, especially if you don't have 2FA. It also means third parties are holding the secret keys to all your funds.
  • Lock your funds with a secure withdrawal password that only you know, or a combination of a password and biometric authentication. You can set and change this in the settings of the application, or during the wallet creation process. Each wallet can have its own encryption settings, according to its usage.

  • You pay absolutely nothing to us. BOCT is a freewallet.

    But what are those fees I keep seeing? Do you charge me for accepting or sending payments?No, we don't charge anything. Receiving coins is always free, fees are paid by the sender. Outgoing transactions require a transaction fee, which goes to the miners of each crypto-coin, not to BOCT.

    Withdrawing from exchanges

    When withdrawing from an exchange into BOCT, they may charge you a high fee. This is a policy choice of the exchange itself. Please contact the exchange's support or FAQ pages for information about their fees.

  • We're constantly working on new integrations to have more supported coins and tokens. You can use BOCT to store and transact BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX coins, and that's not even counting Ethereum token & Tron Token (which are ALL supported by BOCT).
  • Why don't you add ALL the coins?
    Our goal is to eventually incorporate every major coin into our wallet, but there is a significant amount of work involved for each new integration.

  • Depositing
    You can deposit USD, MYR & CNY directly into the BOCT Fiat wallet account. You can swap crypto currency with fiat currency directly from BOCT Fiat account(Coming Soon). To swap coins, simply click on the left sidebar and select one of the "Buy Crypto" options, or open our website and click on the icon button "Swap" at the top menu under your BOCT Fiat login account. BOCT does hold USD, MYR and CNY fiat currencies only now. All assets controlled by BOCT are crypto assets that may or may not have a monetary value plus USD, MYR and CNY fiat currencies only.
  • Withdrawing
    To withdraw any cryptocurrency to your bank account, you should first open an account in a crypto-exchange that works with your bank, and transfer your coins to be sold there. Another option is to trade with cryptocurrencies directly, by exchanging them for goods or services with merchants that accept them.

    To withdraw Fiat currency money from your BOCT Fiat account wallet, login to your Fiat account under BOCT mobile app or at , tap or click on the Withdraw icon button, select the withdraw currency and fill in the amount, bank name, account number, account holder name & other bank details on the withdrawal form and tap on Next and Withdraw command button for Fiat currency withdrawal request submission by following the screen instructions.

General inquiries, questions or suggestions:

contact our support team at our support email address.

[email protected]